16 factors that must be considered when installing cold storage

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16 factors that must be considered when installing cold storage

1. The cold storage is installed in a strong and stable place.

2. The cold storage is installed in a place with good ventilation and low humidity, and the cold storage is installed in a place protected from light and rain.

3. The drainage in the cold storage is discharged through the drainage pipe. Water is often drained, so direct the drain to a place where it can flow smoothly.

4. The installation of the combined cold storage requires a horizontal concrete base. When the base is inclined or uneven, the base must be repaired and flattened.

5. The partition panel of the combined cold storage should be fixed with angle steel.

6. After the combined cold storage is installed, check the fit of each panel seam. If necessary, the inside and outside should be filled with silica gel to seal.

7. The cold storage should be kept away from heating equipment.

8. The U-shaped pipe is not installed on the drain pipe, and sometimes the unit will be corroded.

9. When the cold storage is in a hot place, not only the cooling efficiency will decrease, but sometimes the storage board will also be damaged. In addition, the ambient temperature range to ensure the normal operation of the unit is within 35 degrees. There is also room for maintenance of the unit.

10. When assembling cold room panel, pay attention to the complete sticking of sponge tape on the convex edge of the storage board. When installing the cold storage panel, do not collide. Sponge tape sticking position.

11. A U-shaped pipe must be installed on the drain pipe. The installation of a U-shaped pipe can prevent the leakage of air-conditioning, as well as the invasion of insects and mice.

12. Due to the wide variety of cold storage panel, the "Assembly Diagram of the Cold Storage" should be referred to when installing the cold storage.

13. When tightening the hook, apply force slowly and evenly until the board seams close together, and do not use excessive force.

14. When the cold storage is installed outside the house, a roof should be installed to block sunlight and rain.

15. After the pipeline and electrical installation is completed, all pipeline perforations on the library board must be sealed with waterproof silicone.

16. After the installation of the cold storage, sometimes condensation will appear before the concrete base is dry. When the humidity is abnormally high such as the rainy season, condensation will appear on the joints of cold room panel.

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