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Technical Features

Precise temperature control: Customized temperature control system, combined with professional temperature logic control technology, the temperature is accurately controlled between 2-8°C, and the humidity range is controlled at 45-75%.


Two-door, four-door, and six-door specifications are optional, and standardized design can maximize space utilization.


Panoramic Design

Panoramic glass door, safety door lock design, stable performance and complete functions; Coating electric heating, effectively preventing condensation, clearly observe the items in the warehouse, and keep the ground dry and crystallized.

Multiple Guarantees

Two sets refrigeration systems, one for use and one for standby, realize automatic intelligent rotation and automatic fault switching;
Multiple alarm functions (high and low temperature alarm, pressure alarm), multiple alarm methods.
Welcome to inquiry us if you need to build a cold room for medicine . We can make design and quote according to your requirements.
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