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Cold Room Single/ Double Open Hinged Door

Cold room hinged doors are available as single or double open variants, providing easy access to temperature-controlled storage spaces. They feature robust hinges and reliable sealing, maintaining temperature integrity. These doors are ideal for smaller cold rooms, ensuring efficient insulation and access control for perishable goods.


Hinged door is made by plastic material and surface metal, with environmental PU of high density and fire resistance foaming inside, it has good sealing, and easy to install, so it is usually used for small cold room. Customers can choose hinged door of half buried or all buried depending on the situation of cold room, and also can choose different sizes.

Common size of cold room hinged door is 700mm*1700mm, 800mm*1800mm, 1000mm*2000mm. If the height of cold room hinged door is more than 2 meters, it will be installed 3 or 4 hinges to make it stable.

Cold room hinged door details:

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Certainly, here's a different way to present the information about cold room doors:

1.Our escape system ensures your safety. You can open the cold room door from the inside even when it's closed, providing peace of mind.

2.Our cold room doors are constructed with polyurethane, a high-quality core material that delivers excellent sealing and insulation performance.

3.Installing our cold room doors is a breeze, making the process quick and efficient.

4.For cold rooms with temperatures below freezing, our cold room doors can be equipped with electric heating wires within the door frame to prevent frost buildup.

5.To enhance durability, our cold room doors can be optionally covered with embossed aluminum steel, extending their service life.

If you're interested in purchasing cold room doors separately, please let us know where you plan to install them. The fittings for cold room doors vary depending on whether they are installed within a cold room or in a different location.


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