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Cold Room Continuous PIR Sandwich Panel

Continuous PIR sandwich panels are key components for cold storage spaces. Featuring a Polyisocyanurate foam core, they excel in thermal efficiency and durability. These panels ensure stable, energy-efficient storage environments, making them ideal for food and pharmaceutical storage facilities. With their lightweight construction, moisture resistance, and ease of installation, they reduce temperature fluctuations while optimizing energy consumption, safeguarding product integrity.


polyurethane wall panel

(1) Dimensions: The continuous PIR sandwich panel comes with a standard width of 1120mm and can be tailored in length, ideally 2900mm, 5900mm, or 11800mm, to suit 20GP, 40GP, or 40HC shipping containers.

(2) The PU panel employs eco-friendly, fluoride-free polyurethane, and flame retardant B1 materials, ensuring safety and environmental consciousness.

(3) PIR panel surface options include smooth or ribbed textures, providing design flexibility.

(4) The PIR panel's high-pressure foam process results in a density of 38-42 kg/m3, ensuring exceptional thermal insulation.

(5) Customizable L-shape, U-shape, and decorative metal components accompany PIR panels for installation convenience and flexibility.


1. Flame retardant
Flame retardant for cam lock pu panel is B2 and flame retardant for continuous PIR sandwich panel is B1. If there is fire standards for cold room projects, continuous PIR sandwich panel is more suitable.

2. Standard width
Standard width for cam lock pu panel is 960mm and Standard width for continuous PIR sandwich panel is 1120mm.

3. MOQ
No MOQ requirements for cam lock PU panel.
MOQ for continuous PIR sandwich panel: 1000sqm

4. Installation
Cam lock PU panels are connected by cam lock.
Continuous PIR sandwich panel should be cut when installation according to cold room size.

5. Customized
Cam lock PU panel is more flexibility. There are more different combinations, external surface material and internal surface material can be different. For example, floor panel can use checker plate as internal steel for better loading capacity; 304 stainless steel as internal steel for corrosion resistance.
Choose cam lock PU panels and continuous PIR sandwich panel according to cold room requirements. If you do not know how to choose, welcome to contact me.


For safety and stability of large cold room, we will supply accessories to make roof panel fixed to steel structure outside cold room. There are mushroom head, screw rod and regulating parts or other accessories with same function according to cold room situation.


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