Overall planning ability

At that time, our customer found our company's contact information from Google and said that they would build a cold storage for seafood. Knowing that their project plan is not small, we did not immediately offer them a quotation. Instead, we first communicated with them about their project planning, including the process of catching seafood from the fishing ship to the market, as well as their overall input-output budget for the project. Then when our design team work on this project, they considered not only from the cold storage itself, but also more of the whole project. For example, in Africa we don't need to worry too much about electricity consumption, what we consider more is the return on investment of the overall project to plan the quantity and frequency of seafood, as well as the planning of cold storage to store frozen seafood. In the communication process of the whole plan, our customer appreciated our overall planning ability very much, so they also entrust us with other process design and procurement. In the end, the cost of the overall plan was much less than the original plan of decentralized design and procurement, and the project run at least half a year ahead of schedule.

Process management ability
(1) Plan the delivery order according to the shipping date and installation schedule.
(2) The packaging can resist long-term transportation risks by sea.
(3) Rationally plan the packing of goods, maximize the use of container space, and save sea freight for customers.
(4) Record and supervise the packing list in the whole process, and make notes to remind customers to pay attention to unloading cargos.
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After-sale service ability

(1) Select professional cold storage engineers to ensure the smooth progress of the project, provide technical guidance to local installation personnel, and save installation costs for customers.
(2) After installation, train the customer's project management personnel on cold storage operation.
(3) Provide some wearing parts to customers for backup.
(4) Timely provide solutions and technical support for problems in the use of cold storage. As we participate in the overall project design, production and installation, so when customers have problems in the cold storage operation, we can more conveniently and quickly provide solutions.
Fast and convenient
(1) Please inform us of the following information, so that we can design more suitable for your cold storage.
① The size of the cold storage or how many goods you want to store
② What products will be stored in cold storage, and what is the state and temperature of product before they are put into cold storage
(2) Please inform us of your priority concerns for this project.
① Optimization of prophase cost
② Optimization of late operation
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Professional management

(1) Our sales team will feedback the process to you according to the production schedule, and our factory has passed certification of SGS, ISO and so on.
(2) If the quality of our products is identified through testing, we will provide replacement or repair services for you.
(3) Rationally plan the packing of goods, maximize the use of container space, and save sea freight for customers; If your cold storage can't fill the whole container, we will choose the best lashing method for you or help you purchase other goods to fill the container.
After-sales convenience
(1) We recommend that you choose a local professional and experienced engineer. We will provide some piping drawings and installation instructions.
(2) Timely provide solutions and technical support for problems in the use of cold storage. Since we participate in the overall project design and production, we can provide solutions to customers more conveniently and quickly when encountering problems.
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