Food Cold Storage

Food cold storage refers to the storage of food at a low temperature environment of 0 degrees Celsius or slightly higher than the freezing point of food, by inhibiting the activities of microorganisms and enzymes and reducing the activity in the food matrix to prevent food spoilage and maintain Freshness and nutritional value of food.

No. 1 Cautions

Animal foods, such as poultry, livestock, fish, etc., are easily contaminated by bacteria during storage, and the bacteria multiply too quickly, causing food spoilage. Proper temperature and moisture conditions are required for the reproduction and enzymatic activity of microorganisms; the reason why microorganisms stop multiplying or even die is that the environment is not suitable.

No. 2 Cautions

Enzymes can also lose their catalytic ability, or even be destroyed. Placing animal food at low temperature can inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms and the effect of enzymes on food, and can be stored for a long time without spoilage.

No. 3 Cautions

For plant foods, the cause of spoilage is respiration. Although fruits and vegetables cannot continue to grow after being picked, they are still an organism, still alive and breathing. Fruit and vegetable foods can reduce respiration at low temperatures, extending their shelf life.

No. 2 Cautions

The temperature should not be too low.If the temperature of the cold storage is too low, it will lead to physiological diseases of fruit and vegetable food, or even freeze to death. Therefore, the refrigeration temperature of plant-based food should be selected to be close to its freezing point but not cause the plant to freeze to death.

Storage Temperature

As a professional cold room factory, we are focus on how to design better cold room for food storage. For different foods, storing temperature is also different.

Temperature:5~15℃, Suitable for wine, chocolate, medicines, seeds storing

Temperature:0~5℃, suitable for fruit and vegetable, milk, egg. It keeps the food at a lower temperature, and the temperature is not lower than 0 degrees, at this temperature, the food can be kept as fresh as possible.

Temperature:-18~-25℃, suitable for frozen fish, frozen meat, frozen chicken, frozen seafood

Temperature:-35~-45℃, suitable for fresh meat, dumplings. Mainly used for food quick-freezing, it is required to freeze food quickly and tenderly within a limited time.

Welcome to inquiry us if you need to build a cold room for food storage. We can make design and quote according to your requirements.
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