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Custom Cold Room
Tailored cold room solutions for your precise storage needs, ensuring optimal temperature control and preservation.
 Customize size, temperature and functionality
 Design cold room to improve room efficiency.
 Reduce operating costs, Ensure product quality and safety.
 Easy to maintain and improve operation efficiency.
— Composition Of Cold Room —
Isolation structure
The external isolation structure of the cold room, including walls, roofs and floors, is used to keep the internal temperature of the cold room stable and to isolate the external temperature effects.

Cooling system
 Components such as compressors, condensers, evaporators and expansion valves are used in the refrigeration cycle to remove heat from the inside of the cold room and reduce the internal temperature.

Insulation materials
Insulating materials used inside cold room isolation structures, such as polyurethane foam or rock wool, help reduce heat transfer and maintain a stable temperature.

 The door at the entrance of the cold room, which usually has excellent insulation performance to reduce temperature fluctuations and energy waste.

Control system
including temperature, humidity, ventilation and other parameters of the monitoring and control system to ensure that the cold room environment remains stable.

Shelves and trays

Shelves and trays used to hold and organize stored food, medicine, or other items.



 Provide suitable lighting for the interior of the cold room to facilitate operation and inspection of stored items.


Safety facilities

including emergency stop device, fire protection system, etc., to ensure the internal safety of the cold room.


Ventilation system

used to maintain air circulation inside the cold room to prevent humidity accumulation and odor accumulation.


Monitoring system

Use cameras, sensors and other equipment to monitor the internal environment and the status of items in the cold room.

— Operating Parameters —




-50°C to 50 °C


380V, 220V or Customized

Main parts

PUR/PIR sandwich panel

Cold room door

Condensing unit——Bitzer, Emerson, GREE, Frascold.

Air cooler——GREE, Gaoxiang, Jinhao, etc.


Valves, copper pipe, thermal insulation pipe, wire, PVC pipe

PVC curtain, LED light

— The Function Of Cold Room —
Extend shelf life: Cold room extends the shelf life of food and other perishable items by keeping the environment low and slowing the rate of deterioration.

Microbial control: Low temperatures can inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and other harmful microorganisms.

Quality maintenance: The constant temperature and humidity conditions in cold room help to maintain the quality, taste and nutritional value of food, medicine and other items.

Inventory management: Cold room provides an efficient method of storing and organizing items, which helps in inventory management and logistics operations.

Energy savings: Cold room systems are designed to minimize energy consumption and reduce operating costs through efficient cooling cycles and insulation.

Seasonal supply: Cold room allows large quantities of food to be stored in seasonal abundance for use when supplies are short.

Special requirements: The temperature and humidity of the cold room can be adjusted according to different room requirements to adapt to different types of products.
Safe room: For some items that are vulnerable to contamination or require special conditions, cold room provides a safe room environment.
Item classification: The shelves and organization system in the cold room help to classify and label different types of items for quick finding and access.

Special use: Cold room can also be used for special purposes, such as frozen food processing, medicine room, etc.
— Typical Applications of Cold Room —
Cold room can be divided into a variety of types according to its use, temperature requirements and specific functions. 
Here are some common types of cold room:
Cold room for fruits
1.Cold room for fruits and vegetables: A cold room restaurant designed specifically for the unique temperature and humidity requirements of fruits and vegetables to extend their shelf life.
Wine cellar
2.Wine cellar: Cold room for wine room, providing a constant temperature and humidity environment, which contributes to the aging and quality development of wine.
Seafood cold room
3.Seafood cold room: A cold room dedicated to storing seafood and aquatic products, maintaining their freshness and quality.
Pharmaceutical cold room
4.Pharmaceutical cold room: A cold room designed for storing medical supplies such as drugs and vaccines to ensure the stability and activity of drugs.
Tobacco cold room
5.Tobacco cold room: used to store tobacco and tobacco products, control humidity and temperature, maintain product quality and shelf life.
Cold Room For Ice Block
6.Cold Room For Ice Block: A cold room for ice blocks is a freezing storage space, around -20°C, designed to preserve ice blocks for various uses.
— What We Can Customize For Your Cold Room? —
We provide custom cold rooms for indoor and outdoor construction, tailoring our cold storage solutions to your specific requirements.
Room Size:
We will combine your requirements to design the most reasonable and cost-effective cold room size.
Our common sizes, such as:
Dimensions: Length 6 meters × width 4 meters × height 3 meters
Cold storage capacity: about 72 cubic meters
PU  panel:
The continuous PIR sandwich panel comes with a standard width of 1120mm and can be tailored in length, ideally 2900mm, 5900mm, or 11800mm, to suit 20GP, 40GP, or 40HC shipping containers.The PIR panel's high-pressure foam process results in a density of 38-42 kg/m3, ensuring exceptional thermal insulation.

Condensing equipment:
These units are versatile, accommodating compressor horsepower ranging from 1hp to 30hp.Our units are suitable for use with a variety of refrigerants, including R22, R134a, R404a, R407c, R507a, and more.

Ventilation and air circulation:
An adjustable ventilation system is installed to ensure air circulation and maintain even temperature distribution.

Temperature and humidity control:
Temperature range :-20℃~ -25℃(adjustable)
Equipped with high-precision temperature and humidity sensor and automatic control system to ensure that the temperature and humidity within the required range.

Cold storage door:
Common size of cold room hinged door is 700mm*1700mm, 800mm*1800mm, 1000mm*2000mm. If the height of cold room hinged door is more than 2 meters, it will be installed 3 or 4 hinges to make it stable.

Equipped with a suitable size of the ventilation evaporator, to ensure the internal air circulation, uniform cooling.There are DL, DD and DJ model cold room evaporator, which are suit for different cold room.

Install LED lighting system to ensure bright and durable indoor lighting.

Ventilation requirements:
Equipped with an automatic ventilation system to ensure air circulation and avoid humidity accumulation.
— Our Services —
Pre-sales service:
(1) Arrange the order delivery according to the delivery date and installation progress.

(2) Packaging design that can withstand the risk of long sea transportation.

(3)Intelligent use of container space to reduce transportation costs.

(4) Record the packing process in real time to remind customers of cargo unloading.
In-sale service:
(1) Send professional cold storage engineers to provide technical support for smooth engineering and reduce installation costs.

(2) Provide cold storage operation training to ensure that customer project management personnel are skilled in operation.

(3) Equipped with wearing parts to provide comprehensive maintenance guarantee.

(4) Provide rapid solutions and technical support to ensure the normal operation of the cold storage.

(5) Find quality problems, provide replacement or maintenance services, and ensure product quality throughout the process.
After-sales service:
(1) It is recommended to hire local professional and experienced engineers to provide pipeline drawings and installation guidance.

(2) Provide timely problem solving and technical support, participate in the overall project design and production, and ensure convenient and fast solutions.
— How To Install A Cold Room? —
This video mainly teaches you how to install a small cold room, including polyurethane sandwich panels, cold room door, condensing unit, air cooler and related accessories.
We are a manufacturer with 25 years of cold storage production experience. It has provided professional refrigeration solutions for more than 30 countries and regions around the world.
Step 1: Panel Installation
Install the cold room panels using camlock connections.
Ensure a secure fit and use sealant to seal any gaps.
The core material of the panels can be PPGI, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Step 2: Door Installation
Install the cold room doors, which can be hinged or sliding.
Floor panels are usually installed first, followed by wall panels.
Roof panels are added once the floor and wall panels are in position.
Pay attention to the insulation and sealing of the doors for better efficiency.

Step 3: Air Cooler Installation
Consider the size of the air cooler when storing roof panels.
Secure the air cooler onto the roof panels.
Connect the air cooler to the compressor unit using copper pipes and insulation.
Connect various components like solenoid valves, expansion valves, pressure controls, and electrical connections to ensure proper functioning.

Step 4: Temperature Control
Install a temperature controller, which should receive power from the main source.
This controller manages the temperature, compressor operation, and lighting within the cold room.

Step 5: Air Curtain (Optional)
Install an air curtain above the door to maintain temperature control.
The power for the air curtain usually comes from the temperature controller.
Step 6: Final Checks and Testing
Ensure that all components are properly connected and functional.
Verify that the temperature control system works as intended.
Make any necessary adjustments to achieve the desired temperature levels.
Building a cold room involves careful planning, installation of panels, door sealing, air cooler installation, temperature control setup, and testing. Proper installation and insulation are essential to ensure efficient cooling and temperature control. The process should be carried out by experienced engineers and technicians to guarantee the cold room's functionality and effectiveness.
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