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Cold Room Manual/ Automatic Sliding Door

Manual and automatic sliding doors are designed for larger cold rooms. Manual sliding doors offer manual operation, while automatic sliding doors provide hands-free access. Both options feature secure sealing, enhancing temperature regulation and energy efficiency. They are suitable for high-traffic cold storage environments and ensure convenient access while maintaining a controlled climate.


There are two types of sliding door, manual sliding door and electric sliding door. It has good sealing, and long life span, usually used for medium to large size of cold room, and there is safety lock on it for escaping from inside.

sliding door

cold storage sliding doors


1. Escape system will keep you safe, you can open cold room door from inside when it is closed.
2. The core material of cold room door is polyurethane, so they have good sealing and insulation performance.
3. It is easy to install cold room door.
4. For cold room with low temperature below 0 degree, cold room door can be equipped with electric heating wire in door frame to prevent frosting.
5. Cold room door can be covered with embossed aluminum steel additionally for longer service life.
If you want to buy cold room doors separated, not together with cold room, please tell me where cold room will be installed. Cold room doors fittings are different if not installed in cold room.


According to customers’ requirements and the shipping method, there are different package options:

1.Shipped by FCL, cold room doors are packed by PVC film,refrigeration equipment are packed by wooden case.
2.Shipped by FCL,cold room doors are packed by wooden pallet or wooden box ,refrigeration equipment are packed by wooden case.

cold room sliding door hardware

cooler sliding door

cold room sliding doors


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