Walk In Test Chamber
What is walk in test chamber? Walk in test chamber is one of the important testing equipment in the product development and testing stages. , As well as detect the use environment and service life of the product, it is often used in the heat resistance and cold resistance test of the defense industry, aerospace industry, automatic components and auto parts, electronic and electrical devices, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutical industries and related products.
We do insulated panels and doors for walk in test chamber.
(1) Room: It is assembled with 10cm thick insulated panels with high and low temperature resistance and excellent thermal insulation performance;
(2) Surface material of panel : The outside material is high-grade galvanized color steel with special anti-rust treatment, and SUS304 brushed stainless steel composite board is used;The inside material is made of SUS304# stainless steel, and the thickness of 0.5-1.2mm is optional;
(3) Outside material color: gray-white;
(4) Thermal insulation material: Polyurethane
(5) Floor panel:3.0mm thick SUS304 anti-skid steel or embossed aluminum steel is covered in the floor panel; Bearing capacity: its position is 1000kg/m2
(1) Material: special silicone rubber seal with good toughness, aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance;
(2) Door opening method: double open door, the door can be manually opened both indoors and outdoors, and the operator can open the door in the test room in case of emergency to ensure personnel safety. The heating wire is pre-buried around the door frame, and the heating wire is automatically turned on by the control system according to different operating conditions to ensure that the equipment is free from condensation and frost in a low temperature environment;
(3) Sealing: There is a high and low temperature resistant sealing strip between the door and the shell to effectively ensure the tightness of the studio;
(4) Size: 1800*2000mm (width*height)
(1) Material: Four-layer hollow electric heating anti-fog explosion-proof tempered glass.
(2) Quantity: 2 pieces, one for each side
(3) Size: 300*400mm
We can do another customized processing according to customers’ requirements. Welcome to inquiry.
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