3 Ways To Extend The Service Life Of Cold Room Panels

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3 Ways To Extend The Service Life Of Cold Room Panels

Cold room panels are indispensable in cold storage equipment, but they also have limited life span. Linble will next offer you three practical ways to extend the life of the cold room panel.

1. Select the right material

● Polyurethane foam insulation layer

The heat insulation sandwich structure using rigid polyurethane foam as insulation material has low thermal conductivity, good thermal performance, strong corrosion resistance, excellent mechanical properties, low water absorption rate, and high closed porosity. Non-toxic, tasteless and non-dripping smoke is generated during combustion.

● Rock-wool sandwich compound pipe shell

It is a new type of composite product made of selected diabase and basalt as the main raw material, which is melted at high temperature and evenly coated on the metal pipe wall under the action of high speed centrifugal force. It not only greatly reduces the loss of heat energy, but also greatly reduces the possibility of stress relaxation caused by structural deformation due to temperature changes so that the pipe can withstand various pressures and impacts from external loads.

● FRP lining anti-corrosion steel pipe

As a new type of anti-corrosion coatings, it is a FRP curing system that formed from the chemical reaction between the glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin and epoxy resin matrix.

● Aluminum silicate needle felt lined pipe system

With the plate of honeycomb multi-hollow fiber structure made of high temperature resistant inorganic non-metallic materials as the aggregate, and with high strength hard fiber as reinforcing material, this highly efficient energy-saving construction material is widely used in the pipeline network engineering in the chemical, petroleum, electric power and other industries.

2. Use the cold room panel correctly

● Reasonable use is one of the key factors to ensure the safe operation of a freezer panel.

● Before installation, carefully check the integrity and connectivity of the components of the chiller and refrigeration unit.

● Operate in strict accordance with the technical parameters indicated on the nameplate.

● Conduct regular inspection and maintenance of the refrigeration unit.

● It is strictly forbidden to put hands or tools into the compressor.

● It is strictly prohibited to unplug the power cord with electricity or move the position of the electrical box.

● The cold room panel must be kept clean and dry so as not to affect the heat dissipation.

● Immediately stop running and timely conduct maintenance in case of failure.

3. Perform reasonable care and maintenance

● Check whether the condenser is blocked by dust on a regular basis.

● Remove the oil on the surface of the condenser.

● Observe the evaporator fins for any ash accumulated.

● Regularly clean the dirt on the compressor.

● Clean the filter every three months.

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