Cold storage installation basics and considerations

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Cold storage installation basics and considerations

Cold storage is a low-temperature refrigeration equipment. The installation of cold storage is very important. Poor installation will cause many problems and failures, and even increase the cost of cold storage and greatly reduce the service life of the equipment.

Assembled cold storage panel

Assembling the cold storage panel is the first step in the cold storage construction. Due to the uneven ground, the storage panel should be partially flattened to make the gap of the storage room as small as possible. The top must be aligned and leveled, so that the The cover plate is tightly closed to increase the sealing degree. Sealant is required between the cold storage panel to increase the tightness. For low temperature cold room or ultra low temperature room, the gap between the two panels is coated with sealant to make the thermal insulation.

Cold storage control system

Cold storage combined with automatic control is more convenient and sustainable to use. With the overall maturity of the refrigeration industry, automation control is becoming more and more humanized, from the initial conversion control -- automation control -- single-chip control -- digital intelligent man-machine control -- visualization, SMS, phone reminder control, etc. Intelligent automation will become the mainstream of the future market. The wire should choose the national standard standard, because the cold storage is a high-energy-consuming equipment, and the wire needs to carry the input and output of the power supply. A good wire can ensure the stable and safe performance of its long-term use.

Refrigeration System Considerations

As an important factor in the refrigeration performance of the cold storage, the refrigeration system should be paid special attention during operation, which is related to the overall refrigeration performance and energy consumption indicators.

1. When the copper pipe is welded, clean the oxide in the system in time, and flush it with nitrogen if necessary, otherwise the oxide will enter the compressor and oil, causing local blockage.
2. The insulation should be wrapped with a 2 cm thick insulation pipe to ensure the cooling of the refrigerant when it is running in the indoor and outdoor connection system, resulting in the loss of part of the cooling energy and increasing the loss of electrical energy.
3. The wires should be separated by PVC casing to protect the insulation of the wires.
4. The refrigerant should use a refrigerant with higher purity.
5. Do a good job of fire prevention when welding, prepare fire extinguishers and tap water before welding, and have a high awareness of fire prevention, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous, and there is no rush to regret it.
6. After the refrigeration system is completed, at least 48 hours of pressure maintenance work to ensure that the refrigeration system of the cold storage is 100% leak-free.

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