How many degrees should the temperature of the cold storages be kept at

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How many degrees should the temperature of the cold storages be kept at

Temperature requirements vary according to the type and use of cold storage. Linble will introduce you to how many degrees should the temperature of the cold storages be kept at.

Different types of cold storages temperature ranges:
1.Constant temperature freezer room temperature range:10~20 degrees Celsius mainly used for medicine, food, and other materials, constant temperature storage.
2.Peal fresh freezer room temperature range:0~15℃mainly used for fruits, vegetables, medicines, food, bread, fish feed, dry goods, and other materials, short-term fresh storage.
3. Freezer temperature range:-5~-18℃ is mainly used for freezing meat, seafood, medicine, and other materials for long-term frozen storage.
4. Quick-freeze freezer room temperature range:-30~-35 degrees Celsius, mainly used for food, beverage raw materials, fruits, and vegetables, etc. quick-freeze use.
5. Ultra-low temperature freezer rooms temperature range: -60 degrees Celsius ~ -80 degrees Celsius, mainly used for tuna, pharmaceuticals, and other low-temperature freezing use.
6. Special types of freezer room include (gas-conditioned cold storages, industrial cold storages, explosion-proof cold storages, pharmaceutical cold storages, wet rubbish room cold storages, etc.)

Temperature requirements for conventional pharmaceutical cold storages.
(1) Vaccine storage: 0℃~8℃ Can be used for storing vaccines, etc. Drug store: 2℃~8℃ Can be used for storing drugs and biological products etc.
(2) Blood storage: 5℃~1℃ Can be used to store blood, drugs and biological products, etc.
(3) Low-temperature holding library: -20℃~-30℃ for storing plasma, biological materials, vaccines, reagents, etc.
(4) Ultra-low temperature storage: -30℃~-80℃ Can be used to preserve placenta, stem cells, plasma, bone marrow, biological samples, etc.

The temperature in the fresh food store should be kept below 18°C, which will allow ingredients to be stored for longer periods. It should be noted, however, that this does not mean that storage can be done indefinitely. The temperature in the freezer room should be stable, the lower the better, to ensure proper operation of the refrigeration equipment. Frozen food ingredients should be accepted quickly, the faster the ingredients are frozen the better, as under rapid freezing the ice crystals inside the ingredients are small and do not easily destroy the structural tissue. They should not be allowed to thaw before freezing, as this will affect the quality of the ingredients.

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