Introduction to the types of cold room doors

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Introduction to the types of cold room doors

As the heart of the cold storage, the cold room door is a very important part. Cold room doors have different types according to different requirements, the following Linble will briefly introduce for you.

Cold room doors according to the nature of the cold storage held classification, including high temperature refrigerated door, low temperature refrigerated door and good conditioning warehouse refrigerated door and so on. According to the comparative position of the door and the door and the continuous way, there are embedded and external paste type two, the latter appearance is simple, open the form of diverse, wide application limitations.

According to the opening power classification, there are manual door, electric door, pneumatic door and hydraulic door. Generally speaking, the classification of warehouse doors is mixed according to temperature and opening methods, including hitching doors, sliding doors and others, such as top-row doors and double doors. Let's talk about the characteristics of these three kinds of cold storage doors.

1. Manual sliding door: commonly used in civil cold storage and cold storage temperature is not lower than -40 degrees equipment cold storage, used in general cold room, freezers, marine cold storage and constant temperature workshop, etc. It is still widely used, but tightly used for small cold storage. On the cold storage table temperature difference is greater than 50 degrees Celsius, comparative humidity is greater than 80 percent, manual sliding door can play a very good heat insulation and sealing benefits.

2. Electric sliding door: it is a kind of sliding door, it can recognize the action of people close to the door as the control unit of the opening light, open the door through the drive system, close the door automatically after disengaging, and control the course of opening and closing the door.

3. Vertical lift door: it is a kind of industrial door applied in industrial equipment, with which there are sliding lift doors, industrial sliding doors, wind-resistant roller shutter doors and so on. Due to its high sealing function and reliability, lift doors are often used as factory doors.

4. Knob door: "knob" is what we usually call "knob". The position of the knob is proportional to the height and width of the door, and the right position can ensure that the door opens solidly. As you know, the height and width of the door can determine the status of the knob.

5. Table doors: doors that can be opened inwards and outwards. Electric doors are motor-driven doors, where the door can be pushed or pulled without electricity.

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