Things To Consider When Choosing and Designing Cold Room Doors

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Things To Consider When Choosing and Designing Cold Room Doors

Cold room doors, one of the cold storage equipment, usually only account for less than 10% of the cost of the whole system. After the whole system is put into use, it almost becomes the “facade” of the whole system, and workers will walk through the doors up to 1,000 times every day. Therefore, small problems will cause leakage and affect the production schedule, and serious problems will affect the corporate image and even cause safety accidents.

There are numerous different designs of cold storage doors available on the market, each design offering something unique. However, not every door offers the same features or dependability. Choosing the wrong door design can lead to loss of environmental control, declining productivity, facility damage, and safety issues. Therefore, you should consider some essential factors when choosing and designing doors.

1. Temperature difference
When choosing and designing cold storage doors, the temperature difference between inside and outside the cold room should be first considered. The doors with thickness of 120-150mm should be selected when the temperature difference exceeds 60℃, for the conduction heat dissipation of seal strip is the main reason for the cold loss. Therefore, LINBLE adds another seal strip to prevent the cold loss.

2. Material of cold room panel
The materials of the panel mainly include sprayed color steel plate, stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ABS, PE, and aluminum plate, etc. You should choose the panel material mainly based on the application environment.

High-quality sprayed color steel plate can meet the requirements in the ordinary environment; stainless steel and other materials are mainly used in food factories, seafood, or other environments with a certain degree of corrosion; ABS, PE, and glass fiber reinforced plastic are emerging materials in recent years and have benefits of corrosion resistance, anti-collision, and light weight.

3. Door frame
Door frame is one of the key factors affecting the insulation effect of insulated doors for cold rooms. PVC profiles can be used to completely cover the door, which can not only enhance the insulation effect, but also strengthen the load-bearing capacity of the door frame and rail. At low temperature, the thickness of the side door frame insulation should be more than 100mm.

4. Safety performance
Safety performance is always the top priority in the production, and cold storage doors must have qualified escape function in accordance with EU standards, that is, people can easily open the lock to escape without any additional tools when the door is locked, and no cold leakage can be produced.

To conclude, when choosing the cold storage door and its surrounding facilities, you should focus on the following factors: temperature difference based on which the thickness can be determined, the largest equipment based on which the net door opening size can be determined, the necessary strength support to determine the form of the door frame, the environment to determine the material, the normality of the workers’ operation to determine the necessary anti-collision measures, the necessary safety escape function, wind curtains, interlock, and quick switch, etc. to be considered as per use requirements.

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