Tips To Use and Maintain Cold Storage Rolling Shutter Doors and Their Benefits

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Tips To Use and Maintain Cold Storage Rolling Shutter Doors and Their Benefits

Roller shutter cold room doors are commonly seen in industrial or commercial settings where large areas must be chilled and kept cool, but where traffic is high, making it necessary for a specialist door system that will keep the temperature down but will not impede traffic flow and movement of material. Here LINBLE will offer some tips about how to use and maintain roller shutter doors and their benefits, hoping to help you know more about the rolling shutter door.

Precautions for using cold room roller shutter door

1. The roller shutter door is an important fire protection measure for fire partition in public places, so the installed fireproof shutter should always be in normal condition.

2. During the operation of the automatic roller shutter door, special equipment should be operated and taken care of by a special person, who should have certain basic electrician and mechanical knowledge.

3. When operating the roller shutter door, the operator should not leave the door without permission, but should pay close attention to the opening and closing and the implementation. No one should stand or walk under the roller shutter door while it is opening or closing, so as to prevent the failure of the travel switch, jammed curtain, blocked motor and other accidents.

4. A regular maintenance system should be established for the cold room rolling shutter door to record the maintenance of each roller shutter.

5. The roller shutter door that hasn’t been opened and closed for a long time should be maintained every half a year, including eliminating dust, painting, and adding the lubricating oil to the sprocket roller chain of transmission part.

6. In case of any abnormal conditions found in the use of the roller shutter door, you should immediately take emergency measures to block the input power and remove faults.

Ways to minimize possible dangers to the cold storage rolling shutter door

1. Reasonable lifting rate can reduce the conflict loss of transmission parts, and help to extend the service life of the frequency converter.

2. No goods or vehicles whose the height and width are greater than those of the door frame of the rolling shutter cold storage doors should pass through the doors, otherwise the door track and door leaf will be damaged, affecting the usual application and application cycle of the rolling shutter door.

3. Electric rolling shutter door should be able to stop immediately the stop button is pressed, other than continuing to go down. In the event that the door goes down at a distance of exceeding 50 mm, you should check and repair control electrical device and brake carefully until the door operates normally.

4. You should assign professional personnel to take charge of the repair and maintenance of the rolling shutter door. The power supply should be cut off before repairing. Any person other than professional personnel shall not open the electrical box to prevent electric shock.

5. The cold room rolling shutter door should be closed immediately after the operation is over.

How to mitigate noise of roller shutter door?

Given the traditional rolling shutter door will produce much noise due to the shaking of door pieces, the novel cold room automatic sliding door produced by LINBLE has become popular with customers for this kind of roller shutter door produces no noise. Do you know the reason why the door can produce no noise? Here LINBLE will explain in detail to you.

A door hole is set in the wall of the roller shutter door, and the grooves are provided on both sides of the door hole for the door body up and down, with airbags inside both sides of the groove wall, and protective plates outside the airbags. The the sliding groove is formed between two protective plates for holding the door body and for the door body up and down.

When the door body moves upward, the width of the door body increases due to the squeezing and folding of the two adjacent door pieces. The door pieces squeeze the protective plate outward, and the protective plate squeezes the airbag outward, so that the protective plate and the door piece always maintain tight. Such a small gap allows the door piece will not collide with the protective plate to produce noise or very little noise.

When the door body moves downward, the width of the door body decreases due to the extension of two adjacent door pieces, and the airbag pushes the protective plate under the action of elasticity, which makes the protective plate stick to the door piece, and also plays the effect of reducing noise.

Benefits of roller shutter doors

1. High-speed operation

Commercial cold room doors available from LINBLE are designed to be equipped with an electric motor which allows easy and rapid operation, preventing any unnecessary loss of heat while still allowing easy transport and movement of people and material through the facility.

2. Fire protection

As a steel-based door curtain, the roller shutter doors from LINBLE are able to quickly close to seal off a fire area, and are constructed from interlocking galvanised steel bars, with galvanised steel coil casing and flame trap fascia provided to slow the spread of flames and prevent them rising too high.

3. Security

A high speed insulated roller shutter door is a great choice for access to a building, where a combination of easy movement, great insulation and security are required. External roller shutter doors can provide all of these features, with electrically-operated motors which facilitate quick opening and closing, steel curtains and locks which provide excellent security and industry gold standard insulation to maintain the internal temperature.

4. Cost-effectiveness

No cold storage doors can compete with the roller shutter door in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness in cold room and in buildings. With electric motors quickly opening and closing them, roller shutters keep the flow of traffic through the area moving, facilitating transport and preventing delays, while their superior insulation and quick turnaround time makes sure that your electricity bills stay as low as possible.

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