Why Choose Polyurethane Panels for Cold Room Construction

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Why Choose Polyurethane Panels for Cold Room Construction

Most cold room manufacturers choose polyurethane panel to build the cold room. Do you know why do they prefer polyurethane sandwich panels? LINBLE, an international cold chain integration supplier of research, production and sales, will talk about some benefits of PU panels.

Know the significance of Polyurethane sandwich panel

The selection of proper PU cold room panels is extremely important for better maintenance of the cold room. The cold room is different from ordinary warehouses for its internal temperature is generally lower, and air temperature, humidity, and environmental requirements are relatively high. For this reason, you should choose the PU cold room panels with better temperature control, otherwise the temperature inside the cold room will become hard to control, leading to the deterioration of products stored in the cold room, or causing the cold room refrigeration compressor to run frequently, which will further waste more resources and increase costs.

Advantages of PU cold room panels

● Excellent heat insulation

The inner material of PU cold room panel is rigid polyurethane with excellent heat insulation, whose exterior is made of color steel plate and stainless steel plate and aluminum steel, thus preventing the spread of temperature arising from the large temperature difference between inside and outside of the freezer panel, making the cold room more energy efficient, and improving the efficiency.

● Fireproof, flame retardant and high temperature resistant

Polyurethane with flame retardant added is a kind of self-extinguishing material which is difficult to burn, and its softening point can reach above 250 ℃, so it will not decompose unless at higher temperature. In addition, ash will be generated on the foam surface of polyurethane when it burns, and this layer of ash helps to isolate the foam below, and can effectively prevent the spread of fire. Moreover, polyurethane does not produce harmful gases at high temperatures. The excellent heat insulation performance of polyurethane panels can reduce the thickness of the building envelope and thus increase the indoor usable area while satisfying the same heat insulation requirements.

● Highly resistant to deformation, not easy to crack, stable and safe finish.

Polyurethane has stable porosity structure, excellent insulation performance, freeze-thaw resistance, and sound absorption. The average life span of rigid foam polyurethane insulation structure can reach more than 30 years under the condition of normal use and maintenance. Although the cost of polyurethane is higher than other traditional insulation materials in dry, wet or galvanic corrosion, the increased cost will be offset by a significant reduction in heating and cooling costs, which indirectly reduces cold room costs

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