Function and selection of cold storage units

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Function and selection of cold storage units

In recent years, as the income level of China's residents continue to rise, the level of consumption continues to improve, consumers for the type of video, quality, nutrition and taste of the diversified consumer demand has increased significantly. And the food chain often needs to be transported, processed, stored and distributed by means of refrigeration or freezing, therefore, driven by the growing consumer demand, China's cold storage industry is gradually moving towards the stage of high-speed development, at the same time, China's cold chain infrastructure construction is accelerated, and the capacity of the cold storage presents a gradual year-on-year growth trend.

According to the data, China's cold storage capacity grew from 36.09 million tons to 56.86 million tons in 2017-2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.87% over the six-year period, maintaining a relatively stable growth rate.

Refrigeration System

The refrigeration system can be optimized and upgraded in the following aspects:

Energy efficiency optimization: adopts high-efficiency refrigeration equipment and components, such as high-efficiency compressors, heat exchangers, evaporators. In order to reduce energy consumption and improve refrigeration efficiency.

Control system optimization: adopts intelligent control system to minimize energy consumption through precise temperature and humidity control.

Piping system optimization: optimize piping design and arrangement to reduce piping resistance and energy loss.

Refrigerant selection optimization: selects environmentally friendly and efficient refrigerants, such as natural refrigerants and low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerants, to reduce the impact on the atmospheric environment.

Heat recycling: Recycle the waste heat generated by the refrigeration system to supply other thermal energy needs, such as heating and hot water.

Maintenance optimization: regular inspection and maintenance of refrigeration equipment to ensure its normal operation and efficient work.

The overall system optimization: through the overall system optimization, such as the use of thermal combined refrigeration system, multi-stage refrigeration system, etc., to improve the overall performance and energy efficiency of the system.

Electronic Control Device

The electronic control device used in cold storage usually includes the following main components:

The controller: the controller is the core of the cold storage electronic control system, used to monitor and control the cold storage temperature, humidity, pressure and other parameters. The controller usually has a data acquisition, data processing, control instructions issued by the function, you can real-time monitoring and regulation of the cold storage operating state.

The sensor: the sensor is used to sense the temperature, humidity, pressure and other physical quantities inside the cold storage, and the perceived signal is converted into an electrical signal input to the controller. Common sensors include temperature sensors, humidity sensors, pressure sensors and so on.

Electric actuator: electric actuator is used to control the cold storage door, fan, valve and other equipment switch and operation. Common electric actuators include electric door controller, electric fan controller, electric valve controller and so on.

The power supply equipment: power supply equipment for cold storage to provide power supply, including the main power supply, standby power, etc.. Cold storage electronic control system is usually equipped with UPS (uninterruptible power supply) equipment to ensure that the power interruption can still maintain the normal operation of the cold storage.

The human-machine interface: the human-machine interface is used to operate and monitor the electronic control system of the cold storage. Common human-machine interface devices include touch screen, monitor, key control board, etc. Through these devices, users can set and adjust the parameters of the cold storage, view the operating status and alarm information.

By monitoring and controlling the operating parameters of the cold storage in real time, the electronic control device of the cold storage can realize precise temperature control, energy efficiency optimization and fault alarm, etc., so as to improve the operating efficiency and stability of the cold storage.

Low Temperature Materials

Polyurethane foam is a commonly used insulation material with the following advantages:

Food thermal insulation performance: polyurethane foam has excellent thermal insulation performance, which can effectively reduce heat loss and improve the energy utilization of the building.

Good moisture-proof performance: polyurethane foam has good moisture-proof performance, which can prevent moisture from entering the building, thus reducing corrosion and damage to the building.

Good durability: polyurethane foam has good durability and anti-aging properties, which can maintain its thermal insulation and moisture-proof performance for a long time.

Good acoustic performance: Polyurethane foam has good acoustic performance, which can effectively isolate sound and noise and improve the comfort of the building.

Good adaptability: Polyurethane foam can be adjusted according to different usage environments and requirements, and has good adaptability.

Environmental friendliness: polyurethane foam is an environmentally friendly material, does not contain halogen, formaldehyde and other hazardous substances, in line with national environmental standards.

To summarize, polyurethane foam has excellent thermal insulation performance, moisture-proof performance, durability, sound insulation performance and adaptability.


To improve the flexibility of cold storage, the following aspects can be considered:

Adjustable temperature range: ensure that the cold storage can work flexibly under different temperature requirements. Adjustable refrigeration equipment and control systems can be used so that the temperature can be adjusted according to different needs.

Multi-functional space design: when designing the interior of the cold storage, the storage needs of different goods are taken into account. Adjustable cargo storage racks and dividers can be used so that the space can be flexibly adjusted and utilized according to different cargo sizes and quantities.

Rapid cooling and heating capacity: ensure that the cold storage has rapid cooling and heating capacity to cope with temporary or urgent temperature change needs. Rapid cooling and heating equipment, such as high-efficiency condensers and heaters, can be used to shorten the time of temperature change.

Multi-region control: the cold storage is divided into multiple regions with independent temperature control. This allows for flexible temperature adjustments in different areas of the cold storage according to different cargo storage needs and usage.

Efficient energy management: adopts efficient energy management system, such as intelligent control system and energy recovery technology, in order to maximize the use of energy and reduce energy consumption. This can provide more energy supply for the cold storage and make it more flexible.

Intelligent management system: the use of intelligent cold storage management system to achieve remote monitoring and control to facilitate real-time adjustment of the temperature and monitoring of the operational status of the cold storage. This can improve the operational efficiency and flexibility of cold storage.

Through the above measures, the flexibility of cold storage can be improved to adapt to different cargo storage needs and temperature change requirements. This can improve the operational efficiency and flexibility of cold storage to meet the diversified needs of users.

With increased demand and technological advances, cold storage will become an indispensable link in the logistics and supply chain, providing efficient storage and preservation of goods for various industries. At the same time, cold storage will also play a greater role in environmental protection and energy efficiency, contributing to sustainable development.

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