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Cold Room Electric/ Water Defrosting Evaporator

Cold room evaporator can be used as cooling device in different kinds of cold storage, like chiller room, frozen room and blast freezer room. There are DL, DD and DJ model cold room evaporator, which are suit for different cold room.


Certainly, here's an alternative way to convey the information about cold room evaporators:

Our cold room evaporators serve as versatile cooling devices suitable for various types of cold storage, including chiller rooms, frozen storage, and blast freezer rooms. We offer three models: DL, DD, and DJ, each tailored to specific cold room applications to ensure optimal performance.


1.Our cold room evaporators are engineered with a well-thought-out design, ensuring uniform frost distribution and highly efficient heat exchange.

2.The outer shell of these evaporators is constructed from premium-grade steel, featuring a surface coating that resists corrosion. We also offer the option of a stainless steel shell. For applications like seafood cold rooms and canteen storage, stainless steel is preferred due to its exceptional corrosion resistance and extended service life.

3.The cold room evaporators come equipped with high-quality fan motors designed for low noise output and impressive air circulation. We can also customize air ducts for situations requiring long-distance air distribution.

4.To enhance efficiency, our cold room evaporators feature evenly distributed U-shaped stainless copper pipes, reducing defrosting time and ensuring consistent performance.

5.You have the flexibility to choose between water defrosting and electric defrosting options, depending on your specific needs and preferences.


1.For cold rooms operating at approximately 0℃, we recommend choosing the 4.5mm fin space (DL model) for optimal performance.

2.If your cold room temperature drops to around -18℃, we advise selecting the 6mm fin space (DD model) to ensure efficient cooling.

3.For extremely low-temperature cold rooms, where temperatures reach around -25℃, the ideal fin space is 9mm (DJ model) to maintain effective cooling capabilities.

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