Cold storage installation technology process

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Cold storage installation technology process

cold storage installation before the material preparation

1, Cold storage equipment materials should be equipped according to the cold storage project design and construction materials list, cold storage panels, doors, refrigeration units, refrigeration evaporators (chillers or row of tubes), microcomputer temperature control box, expansion valve, connecting copper pipe, cable control line, library lights, sealant, installation accessories, etc. and to check the materials and accessories model.

2、The number of cold storage panels should be checked according to the delivery order before transportation and installation, the loading and unloading of the panels should be done gently, and the anti-scratch layer should be paved in each layer of the panels and the ground joints.

The installation of the warehouse board

Cold storage should be assembled as a whole with the wall and roof clearance, cold storage flooring installation level, uneven places with materials to level the floor, and lock the lock hook between the plate and the plate, sealed with silicone, to achieve a flat surface, no hollow sense, cold storage body of the top plate, floor, vertical plate installed, the top and vertical, vertical and floor between the correction flush and lock, all the lock hook between each other.

The installation technology of the chiller

1, Choose the location of the lifting point, first consider the best location for air circulation, followed by the direction of the structure of the library body in consideration.

2, The chiller and the library board gap should be greater than the thickness of the chiller.

3, Chiller all hanging bolt should be all fastened, and sealant will bolt and bolt perforation closed to prevent cold bridge and air leakage.

4, The ceiling fan is too heavy, the application of No. 4 angle or No. 5 angle iron to do over the beam, over the beam should be across to another top plate and wall plate to reduce the load.

The refrigeration unit assembly and installation technology

1, Semi-enclosed or fully enclosed compressor should be installed oil separator, and in the oil division to live in the appropriate amount of oil, evaporation temperature below -15 degrees, should be installed gas-liquid separator and add the appropriate amount of refrigerant oil.

2, The base of compressor should be installed with shock absorbing rubber seat.

3, The installation of the unit should leave space for maintenance, so that it is easy to observe the adjustment of the meter and valve.

4, The high pressure meter should be installed at the valve tee of the liquid storage filling.

5, The overall layout of the unit is reasonable and the color is consistent. The installation structure of each type of unit should be consistent.



Refrigeration piping installation technology

1, The choice of copper pipe diameter should be strictly in accordance with the compressor suction and discharge valve interface selection of pipe diameter, when the condenser and the compressor separation more than 3 meters should increase the diameter of the pipeline.

2, Condenser suction surface and the wall to maintain more than 400mm distance, the outlet and obstacles to maintain a distance of more than 3 meters.

3, The diameter of the reservoir pipe and the diameter of the import and export pipe shall be based on the exhaust and outlet pipe diameters indicated on the sample of the unit.

4, The compressor suction pipeline and chiller return pipeline shall not be smaller than the size indicated in the sample to reduce the internal resistance of evaporation pipeline.

5, When making the regulating station, each liquid discharge pipe should be sawed into a 45-degree slant and inserted into the bottom end, and the liquid inlet pipe should be inserted into the regulating station at one-fourth of the pipe diameter.

6, The exhaust pipe and return pipe should have a certain slope, and when the condenser position is higher than the compressor, the exhaust pipe should be sloped to the condenser and a liquid ring should be installed at the exhaust port of the compressor to prevent the gas from cooling and liquefying back to the

High-pressure exhaust port, and then start the machine caused by liquid compression.

7, Chiller back to the air pipe outlet should be installed at the U-bend. The return line should be sloped to the direction of the compressor to ensure a smooth return to the oil.

8, The expansion valve should be installed as close as possible to the location of the chiller, the solenoid valve should be installed horizontally, the valve body vertical and pay attention to the direction of the liquid.

9, If necessary, install a filter on the compressor return line to prevent system dirt from entering the compressor and remove moisture from the system.

10, Refrigeration system all sodium and lock mother fastening before, to wipe the refrigeration oil lubrication, strengthen the sealing, fastening wipe clean, each cut off the door pan to lock.

11, Expansion valve temperature-sensitive package with a metal card fastened in the evaporator outlet 100mm-200mm, with a double layer of insulation wrapped tight.

12, After the installation of refrigeration systems, to the overall beauty, color consistency. There should be no pipeline cross high and low unevenness and other phenomena.

13, Refrigeration pipeline welding to leave a drainage port from the high and low pressure with nitrogen blowing for segmental blowing, segmental blowing completed after the whole system blowing dirt until no dirt for qualified. Blowing pressure with 0.8MP.

14、After the welding of the whole system is completed, the gas tightness test should be carried out, the high pressure end is filled with nitrogen 1.8MP. the low pressure end is filled with nitrogen 1.2MP. during the pressure filling period, leak detection is carried out with soapy water, the welding ports, flanges and valves are carefully checked, and the pressure is not dropped for 24 hours after the completion of the simple ugly.

Electronic control system installation technology

1, Each contact mark line number for overhaul.

2, Strictly in accordance with the requirements of the drawings to make the electric control box, and connect power to do no-load test.

3, Mark the name on each contactor.

4, Fix each electrical component wire with binding wire.

5, Electrical contacts pressed wire connectors, motor main line connectors, apply the line card card tight, hang tin if necessary.

6, Each equipment connection to lay the line pipe, and fixed with the card, PVC line pipe connection with adhesive, the mouth of the pipe with tape sealing wrap.

7, The power distribution box is installed horizontally and vertically, the environment is well lit, and the house is dry to facilitate observation and operation.

8, The area occupied by the wire in the line pipe shall not exceed 50%.

9, The selection of electric wires should have a safety factor, and the temperature of the exterior of the wires should not exceed 40 degrees when the unit is running or frosting.

10, The circuit system must be 5-wire system, and the ground wire should be added if there is no ground wire.

11, The wire should not be exposed to the open air, so as to avoid long-term sun and wind aging of the wire skin, short-circuit leakage and other phenomena.

12, The installation of the line pipe should be beautiful and solid.

Refrigeration system fluoride commissioning technology

1, Measure the power supply voltage.

2, Measure the resistance value of the three windings of the compressor and the insulation of the motor.

3, Check the opening and closing of the valves of the refrigeration system.

4, Inject refrigerant to 70%-80% of the standard filling volume after evacuation, then run the compressor and add gas from low pressure to enough volume.

5, After turning on the machine, first listen to the sound of the compressor whether it is normal, see whether the condenser and chiller are running normally, and whether the three-phase current of the compressor is stable.

6, After normal cooling, test the refrigeration system parts, exhaust pressure, suction pressure, exhaust temperature, suction temperature, motor temperature, crankcase temperature, temperature before the expansion valve, observe the evaporator, expansion valve frost, observe the oil level and color change of the oil mirror, the sound of the equipment running has no abnormalities.

7, Set the temperature parameters and expansion valve opening degree according to the frost and use of cold storage.

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